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About ITIP, LLC.

About ITIP Fortune® Global 500 IP managers seeking the next evolution in patent cost management rely on ITIP.®

ITIP’s innovative solutions provide complete transparency into the cost management of IP law firms and international agents. Bringing together a unique vision that combines proprietary best practices, state of the art IT technology and IP human resources, ITIP has a variety of proven solutions for large companies to cut through waste and eliminate unnecessary cost.

Our senior management team has nearly a century of experience providing IP services to large multinational companies. Our managers have worked for large corporations as General Counsel, Chief IP Counsel and patent professionals. We understand the corporate needs of the Fortune® Global 500 and the never ending pursuit for efficiency, transparency and savings throughout the international IP life cycle.

Vision and Mission

ITIP is dedicated to creating state of the art best practices and IT solutions for cost management of IP services. We provide large companies with the human and technological resources they need to maximize efficiency and enjoy complete financial transparency throughout the entire international patent prosecution life cycle.


ITIP has a proprietary service model relied upon by Fortune® Global 500 corporations in North America, Asia and Europe for global patent filing and IP cost management. ITIP reliably manages inefficient and expensive IP services, such as international patent filings, and audits and benchmarks the professional fees of your outside counsel to ensure savings are captured. The result is a total solution that provides the highly specialized resources and solutions necessary for large companies to achieve substantial, verifiable savings.


ITIP is not a simple discount service or agent referral network. We don’t exist to steer our clients to a translation company nor to an affiliated legal service provider. ITIP will work with any IP service provider you choose. We’re independently owned and take significant steps to remain unbiased. Our sole goal is the same as yours - to provide large patent portfolio holders with complete transparency into the international patent prosecution life cycle and the greatest total cost savings possible.