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IP Cost Management Platform

TIPSTM IP Cost Management Platform

TIPS IP Cost Management ServicesTIPS is an acronym for Total Invoice Processing Systems. Staffed by patent counsel & IP professionals, TIPS applies a blend of technology, patent process expertise and human resources to provide comprehensive IP cost management. The next evolutionary step in IP cost management best practices, we save corporate IP departments an average of 20 to 30% on their outside patent procurement costs with an emphasis on reducing international filing and prosecution costs. TIPS is designed to work seamlessly, with no interference to our clients’ existing IP policies, systems, quality controls or outside counsel relationships. We provide immediate and recurrent cost reductions for our clients.

Our goal is not only to provide savings, but to provide our clients ongoing IP process improvements with complete transparency into the international patent prosecution life cycle. TIPS analyzes legal service provider efficiency and costs in order to assist clients with implementation of best practices and sourcing decisions. Our IP experts can provide analysis and savings throughout the international IP prosecution life cycle that are not found elsewhere. E-billing is a tool for gathering data but it falls short of providing the analysis and modeling needed for actually driving efficiency and making good sourcing decisions. Managed by seasoned IP industry veterans, our proprietary systems, processes and solutions provide clients who have made investments in e-billing and matter management technology, with an even greater return on their investment.