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International Filing Platform

International FilingProFile® International Filing Platform

Obtaining worldwide patent coverage is a complex, expensive undertaking which can take years and involve an army of patent service providers. ITIP has developed the industry’s leading set of best practices associated with international patent filing for large companies. ITIP’s international filing platform, ProFile, was designed with an eye towards providing quality, limiting risk, catering to the specific needs of large corporate IP departments and, most importantly, delivering savings that can actually be verified after each filing takes place. This simply is not true for other “filing companies” and this is why large corporate filers use ProFile.  ProFile efficiently manages all documentations, translations, filings and costs.

Independent of process efficiencies or other ‘internal’ cost savings, our large corporate filers typically experience 30%-60%+ net savings and are provided total transparency into the international filing process. Our proprietary IT system (with patents pending) provides cost savings through efficiency and automation. Implementation of our process is seamless and can be achieved in less than half a day; moreover, ProFile does not impact patent quality and does not interfere with patent prosecution by your agents.