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Global Foreign Patent Filing and IP Cost Management

Key Benefits. The ITIP DifferenceThe ITIP® Difference  

ITIP is a proven, comprehensive solution that analyzes, plans, executes and streamlines global IP cost management efforts. Implementation is seamless and we provide the specialized, dedicated resources necessary to achieve successful IP cost management. Quite simply our key benefits are:

  • Cost Savings – our products and services produce significant savings, reducing your prosecution budget by 20-30%.
  • Quality – founded and managed by IP attorneys, our systems, processes and staff provide the IP expertise required to manage the cost of a large corporate patent portfolio without impacting relationships or quality.
  • In House Optimization – we manage administrative activities so you can focus on the high priority legal & business issues you were hired to manage.

Our solutions are implemented in less than half a day with no startup or training fees. There’s no expensive software or systems to install and learn; we do comprehensive IP cost management for you. You can continue to use your existing IP matter management, e-billing and accounts payable systems without any changes to your current internal processes.

Discounts and price reductions offered by agents or other service providers rarely result in verifiable net savings. Without a comprehensive cost management solution, initial perceived savings in one area quickly disappear when agents regain lost revenue by concealing added or inflated charges in other areas.

ITIP audits invoices and successfully identifies and prevents these tactics every day. This is where ITIP excels, and traditional cost management solutions and e-billing fail. Contact us and let us show you what the next generation in IP cost management can do for your company.